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About Us

Who can ever forget the horrific images of Hurricane Katrina… thousands stranded in the attic of their homes… desperate for safety? The founders of this company are from the Gulf Coast region with deep roots for generations and first-hand experience with rising waters, hurricanes, and other natural disasters. Our goal was to find a life saving solution to families being unexpectedly trapped in their homes. The result is the High Tide Escape Hatch.

Five years of hard work lead to the design and manufacturing of this now patented product. We have incorporated all aspects of consumer concerns: affordability, maintenance free, installation ease, and attractive design (i.e. not penetrating your roof).

We don't believe there is another product quite like this. We certainly hope you never have to deploy the High Tide Escape Hatch, but having it in your home could save your life should a flood occur.

Please provide us with any feedback, comments or concerns. We offer person-to-person customer service that provides "Safety That’s Through the Roof".

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