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Become A Distributor or Reseller

We encourage building/roofing material suppliers, builders, general contractors, and independent sales reps to promote the purchase and installation of the High Tide Escape Roof Hatch in single family homes.  The target market is both the United States and International, with an emphasis on coastal areas or developments near waterways.  No exclusive relationships currently exist and wholesale pricing and other terms are available to those that apply and are granted approval. 

Net 30 day credit terms may be available to qualified individuals and companies upon completion and approval of a credit application.

The High Tide Escape Hatch website currently is for retail purchases only, but an upcoming site upgrade will allow for approved resellers/distributors to enter a pre-assigned purchasing code that can be used to obtain wholesale pricing upon checkout.  Until then, approved resellers/distributors and credit account purchases should be placed by calling our customer service team toll free at 409-729-5555.

Next Steps

  1. Call us at 409-729-5555 or e-mail to obtain a wholesaler application form.  We will e-mail, fax, or regular mail the appropriate forms to you.
  2. Complete the form and indicate whether or not you are also applying for credit terms.  If so, provide the necessary information for credit approval processing.  If not applying for credit terms, payment must be received in advance through PayPal or advance payment prior to shipping.
  3. You can fax the completed application to us at 409-727-6206 or, preferably, scan the completed application and e-mail the completed pdf to us at
  4. Sign a distribution agreement, which will specify relevant terms, including retail and wholesale pricing guidelines, exclusive territory arrangements, installation fees, etc.

Should we enter into any exclusive arrangements in the future that affect existing partnerships, we reserve the right to rescind any or all resale/distributor approvals without notice.  Additionally, approvals may be rescinded for failure to make timely payments, misrepresentation of the product, improper pricing, and/or other detrimental practices and/or actions at our sole discretion.

We hope that you will join us in providing this potentially life saving home improvement to the customers in your area. 

The High Tide Escape Roof Hatch is the product that all homes should have, but hopefully never have to use.

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