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High Flood Areas in Galveston Texas

January 15, 2015

escape hatch

The Weather Channel put together a list of the top worst places to live in the United States, Galveston County was one of the top flood-prone areas to buy a home. The findings were attributed to historical and risk-related data relating to weather, natural disaster numbers and climate, as well as heating and cooling costs. National Oceanic and Atmosphere Administration and the National Climate Data Center were listed sources of collected statistics. It is unsurprising that Galveston ranked high in natural disasters, the deadliest known disaster in human history struck Galveston in 1900.

Hurricane Ike, another destructive hurricane to hit Galveston, was a recorded 4 billion dollars in damage and 6,000 lives lost. Galveston County is ranked in the top 50 according to FEMA for one of the highest risk for floods, at number 39.

Installing a high tide escape hatch under the shingles on your roof is a great step towards protecting you and your family again home flooding and potential death. Contact us for more details.
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