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Flood Warnings with Snow Melting

December 23, 2014

As the snow melts, forecasters are warning about snow melt floods. In midwinter to early spread large amounts of runoff water from snow cause flooding. The melted snow cannot be reabsorbed into the frozen and hard ground. As a result, the excess water runs off into lakes, streams, and rivers causing flooding and everyone is at risk. According to, “Consumers must prepare for flooding no matter where they live”.

Ice jams, also called ice dams, is the accumulation of ice formed where the river changes from a steeper to milder slope. Ice jams lead to localized and regional flooding behind the blockage, causing flooding and damage to nearby structures, wildlife, and communities. There have been indications of prehistoric megafloods due to ice jams in some glacial valleys. An example is Lake Agassiz, an immense glacial lake in the middle of North America and formed by glacial flooding.

Like flooding from natural disasters and flash floods, it’s important to be prepared to exit your home in case of home flooding. An escape hatch is easy to install in your roof under the shingles and provides an emergency escape for your family and loved ones.

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